Why Outsource Your Finance, Accounting, and Back Office Early

Outsourcing Finance and Accounting

Strong finances give startups speed and direction.

Founding teams are usually a group of product designers, engineers, and marketers. Finance-related strategies, along with bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, and other back-office tasks are often distant afterthoughts, but they are essential for a young operation to stay funded and grow at top speed. The benefits of utilizing CFO-level wisdom and sound financial systems from day one are numerous:

  • Add experienced senior management to the team
  • Optimize cash management
  • Install risk and process controls for rapid growth
  • Identify valuation-increasing milestones
  • Increase success in raising capital
  • Build credibility with the board & investors
  • Create team and investor confidence
  • Avoid or minimize mistakes
  • Ensure legal and standards compliance
  • Increase the probability of successful exit

Interim and outsourced makes good sense early. You can hire full-time internally later.

With a young company, every penny counts, and the “cap table” is sacred. Outsourcing CFO, accounting, and HR functions make good sense for startups that want the advantages of mature financial structures while keeping the monthly burn rate in check. Outsourcing delivers better service for less money.

  • Better results
  • Lower/variable costs
  • Scalable and ready to grow with you
  • Allow founders to focus on product and growth
  • No sick days or vacations needed
  • Anti-dilutive effect on the cap table
  • Collective wisdom/network of larger CFO team

By outsourcing back-office financial and HR functions to the experienced team at EisnerAmper, our clients wisely get to invest more of their expensive early-stage capital in real value-generating assets and avoid the draining expense of building corporate infrastructures internally.

EisnerAmper provides proven financial infrastructures and operational systems that enable our clients to focus on what they do best - creating real value, building great products and services, and growing their businesses quickly and correctly. Our experts become an integral part of the team - designing, building, and maintaining systems that provide investor confidence and keep things running smoothly.

You grow the dream. We'll take care of the other stuff.

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