An Updated Employee Handbook Protects You and Your Startup's Culture

Update your startups employee handbook

Keating recommends a review of your Employee Handbook for needed updates at least every year (if you’re in California, more like every minute). An outdated policy manual can leave your startup vulnerable to miscommunication, culture gaps, and perhaps costly litigation. The past year has been especially eventful and seen several changes, laws, trends, and standards that need to be considered when forming your company policies.

Here is a brief list of headline topics that have shifted recently that you should think about:

  • Social media at work
  • Digital data and security
  • Right to privacy
  • Free speech
  • Paid leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Medical leave
  • Weapons policy
  • Off-duty conduct
  • Whistleblowers
  • Overtime
  • Smoking (e-cigarettes included)
  • Same sex marriage
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disaster preparation (Hurricanes & earthquakes)
  • Transgender and LGBT employees
  • Drug policy & testing (consider marijuana)
  • Defining employees vs independent contractors

Bonus for California:

  • Ban-the-Box laws
    • Salary histories
    • Criminal histories
  • Wage and hour policies
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Parental leave entitlement (New act)
  • Attendance policies
  • Immigration enforcement

It’s a lot to cover. We can help. Reach out to your existing Keating team members or via Client Services at to request a review/update of your Employee Handbook.